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What we do – Our products

Suction plants

Thanks to our wide range of products for “suction plants” we can satisfy 100% of requests . We pay attention also to the smaller particulars to realize always a perfect product, combination of functionality, efficiency and ease of use. Our company produces directly more that 90% of parts used fo [ … ]


Cabins, pressurized rooms, body shop

In an industry now inflated by the amount of items offered to customers, we are going to offer 3 large distinct ranges of cabins.

Achievements for artisanCommercial cabins water and dryPressurized cabins/air to the top of the range

Traditional realizations for small artisans, economic but at the same [ … ]


Plants and componentry

Lamier realizes in-house, 90% of componentry, giving in charge to quality builder, holding in due consideration quality/price relation.

We are always looking for innovative and, more and more reliable details, to offer the best to our customers. Particular attention is given to “spare parts”, a well [ … ]


Drying systems

We are builders from years of machine and complete plants for pellet production. In this particular and innovative production, has a fundamental importance the moisture content of wood. To get a good pellet is necessary that wood has a fine and precise moisture content, to get this you must use d [ … ]


Raw material treatment and recover

Is always much important for our life to recover and recycling all products that are in everyday life, like paper, plastic material, metal, resins etc.; our company is specialized in offering complete solutions or targeted to particular processing that deal to recover, recycle and select various ty [ … ]


Pellet production plant

Last frontier of domestic and industrial heating, pellets. This little piece of wood, pressed, currently occupies a place of primary importance in heating system, around the world. Its main feature is a high yield, compared with a relatively low cost, obviously seen from buyers. However, today, pell [ … ]